In a seemingly confused world, there are artists rising to the challenge of bringing people together through raw, authentic music. There are artists who unlock their deepest emotions to unlock the emotions of others. Artists who feel a responsibility to shed light in the darkness, lift the world to its feet, and send messages of unified love to its people. Isaiah Brown is one of those artists.“The reason music about love connects so well, in my opinion and to my ear, is the relatability.” Isaiah emphasises,  “Not to say everybody has been in love, but we’re all born with love in our hearts. Love is something we all have in common, and if authentically conveyed, can be the reason for our togetherness.” He has recorded over three albums worth of material and continues to write, produce, and record new records everyday. Isaiah Brown has worked with creatives in all walks of genre including--to name a few--EDM DJ/Producers Arius, Pixel Terror, Bonnie x Clyde and James Kennedy to Hip-Hop/R&B artists Smokepurpp, Yung Skaggs, Minty Burns, Vous and many more. With detailed focus on lyricism & soul, his main motivation is connecting people to their truest selves/others--and its working.Isaiah Brown’s streams in 2020 alone independently reached nearly half a million, with 161 thousand listeners in 91 countries and over eight hours of playing time on Spotify.  His voice has been played/heard across the world, with over a million total views/plays between his & collaborators content on Youtube, Instagram, and TikTok. Isaiah is also extremely active on the new audio based social media app Clubhouse, hosting/moderating rooms that promote independent artists and positivity in the industry. “While this is just the beginning of my long career and footprint in the music industry, I’m so happy that the few releases I have out so far impacted so many people in such a strong way already. I see it online and in person everyday, which is the biggest blessing of all time. I look forward to the future, my journey of empowerment, and the incredible experiences it comes with. They say ‘the sky's the limit’ for a reason, and I plan to prove that to all that look to me as an example.”Isaiah Brown is undoubtedly an artist to watch, listen, and gravitate to in the upcoming years. “I still have so much I want to accomplish, and I know God/the universe/whatever you want to call it has a plan for me. I strive in following through with that plan to bring as many as I can to an elevated state of collective unity and love. I hope you’ll join me in the movement I work each and every day to create.”